Crochet:: Spring Bag Update






It’s really coming along!!

But I’m facing a little problem, actually, a BIG problem. I’ve used up All The Yarn. That’s 6 balls of turquoise and 3 of yellow! I’m so close to finishing this piece that it is agonising that I have run out of yarn so close to the finish line. And another problem. It’s out of stock at wool warehouse! Devastating. I’m not quite sure what to do. My predicted deadline for finishing my bag for Friday will definitely not happen (even though I probably would have finished today had I bought enough yarn) I’ll have to order more yarn on payday and complete it for well…. Whenever the yarn is back in stock and then arrives! I guess I have learned a lesson in this… Buy more than enough yarn!

I really enjoyed hooking up the bag though. It’s a real labour of love, it took me around 4 days, crocheting probably 4 hours at a time to finish the turquoise part.

I can’t wait to wear it and fill it up with stuff! My mind is already swimming with ideas for the next bag and as PayDay is around the corner I probably shall be purchasing the yarn, and sods law ill be starting the next bag before I’ve finished the first!! But, hush hush. I’ll keep that quiet for another day.
How are you all? How are you projects coming along? I would love to see some WIP photos… Maybe on instagram? Follow me @myotherloves and use the #crochetwip2015!

Happy Hooking!



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