Spotted:: Bag patterns on Raverly






I am kind of, maybe, sort of, OK I AM TOTALLY obsessed with crochet bags at the moment. I keep browsing raverly and pinterest for inspiration for my next venture. Here are my five favourite free bag patterns that I have found on raverly!

1. This slightly oversized purse is gorgerous. It also features tapestry which i have on my to learn list. I love the geometric style.

2. This netted market bag is a fave pattern of mine. A homemade, handmade bag for life. I can imagine toting it around on a saturday at a farmers market filled with curious and quirky veg like romaneque and weird funghi.

3. This tiny mushroom drawstring bag is so cute. I imagine my siblings would love them! This is going on the xmas present for others list! All in different colours!

4. This beach bag, don’t let it fool you! It looks like it has been knitted but it’s not! It’s actually crocheted with an unusual technique involving half trebles.

5. This purse is simply lovely. I love that vibrant, bright spark of colour across the middle against it’s two tone grey backdrop.

Thanks for free! Please leave any links to crochet bag patterns if you have any faves!























































































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