Granny Gorgeous:: For The Love of the Granny Sqaure

For crocheters (people who crochet) the granny square is an iconic motif. It can be manipulated and modelled in so many ways. The colour schemes are infinite and wondrous. An easy pattern that can be taken to complex and convoluted extremes. Who knew a simple round of trebles and chains could lead to such an incredibly creative phenomenon.

Here are some of the best granny squares I have seen around the internet.


This beautiful, granny square wall hanging would suit anywhere in your house. The bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. It’s simple but stands out.



Simple, slightly retro and granny gorgeous!


Love Love Love. Bright and colourful. I’m tempted to hook something similar up for my Juggling Clubs!



You can do anything with granny squares. This chair would be a fab addition to any home and certainly looks comfy!



I don’t think I could ever pull this dress off, the dress (and her) look amazing. I wonder if there is a pattern?

Comment below with any other links to Granny Gorgeous items!

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