Yarn:: Istanbul, Turkey





So Much Yarn!!!! I had to go and visit the market in Istanbul and it was crazy. Not only that it was so busy and at every step a shop owner would be calling you and shouting prices trying to sell you their wares but also crazily cheap. I couldn’t believe it. And there was so much yarn! The above photos are only a snapshot, there was shop after shop selling all kinds of yarn and materials and buttons! I wish I had room in my backpack!

I finished my Winter Hoodlet a few days ago. Currently I’m working on a knitted hat (sockhead pattern from raverly), on circulars. However, that shouldn’t take me too much longer and I knew I would need something else to keep my fingers busy and realising how cheap the yarn is I thought I had better buy it in Istanbul. I had to be sensible, I can’t buy every size needle and hook or multiple dpns or such, I have to work with what I have ( two hooks, size 4mm and 5mm and two circular needles 3.5mm at 80cm and 3mm at 40mm) choose the pattern based on that or alter the pattern (like I’m doing with my sockhead pattern!).  
I perused raverly until I nearly went blind and stumbled on this gorgeous, customizable pattern, called My Favourite Things scarf. It’s getting cold here in Europe (including minus temperatures and snow as we head further north) and this will be absolutely perfect to keep the chills at bay. It’s also full of colour to brighten up my relatively bland, tiny wardrobe that I’m lugging around. I’ll learn some new techniques including colour change and following charts (I’m still new to knitting), it will keep me busy for quite a while (as opposed to easy projects that I’ll finish in a week and have to tote around with me) keep me warm on cold nights (next stop Sinaia, Romania) and function as a pillow on long coach/train journeys.

Anyway, to my purchases.



Photo 1 – I bought ten balls of baby wool in ten different colours. It’s 20% cashmere, 40% Merino and 40% acrylic. It was 3.50TL a ball, which works out to be about €1.20ish and again 90p or £1? Absolute Bargain!! I could have bought loads but I really don’t have that much room so I had to choose carefully. But look at all the colours! So much colourful yarn I know this will make a great scarf. I’m going to have fun mixing and matching them into various colour combinations for the pattern.


Photo 2 – I bought a furry pompom for my current WIP to add a bit of snazzy fabulousness.

What are you working on? You can leave a link in the comments so I can pop over and have a nose!

Thanks for reading.


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