Knit:: The making of… Sockhead Hat






So I had to improvise a little with this pattern as it calls for DPNS at the end to finish the decreases, but as I mentioned before I can’t carry around every size and type of hook so I’m limited to a only couple. Imagination had to come into play. The pattern says to switch to dpns when it gets too tight but instead of finishing the decreases I carried on for a few extra rows and then I cast off. I folded it over and stitched it so it was a tube and just wide  enough for a knitted Icord to be threaded through. Then I added the pom pom!  So now it is still a hat BUT it can also stretch out to be a cowl!
Ingenious. Two garments in one!
It’s also a very international hat, I started knitting it in Athens and finished it in Romania!

Thanks for reading


2 thoughts on “Knit:: The making of… Sockhead Hat

  1. I like your creativity. I have a good stash of knitting needles now, most were given to me. Still, when I need something specific for a project I just buy it. But I do like your creative solution.


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