Knitting:: Favourite Things Scarf


Beginning my Favorite Things scarf


Knitting away on a treason from Romania to Budapest



My scarf/cowl (haven’t decided what it will be yet!) is coming along rather quickly, despite my initial concerns – ie stranded knitting would be hard and not only would I end up in knots but it would take FoReVeR. But it wasn’t very hard to pick up and so I’ve been chugging along. I’ve given myself the deadline of Christmas day, but preferably before!

Before I casted on I looked around the interwebs for various charts and patterns, there are loads – free and not so free! I bookmarked a few and began to think about colour combinations, order  of the patterns and sizing. However after realising that, as I was using 4ply yarn (the pattern suggested using thinner yarn as using aran/DK makes the scarf very bulky and I couldn’t imagine carrying around 10 balls of aran whilst travelling) the stitches and sizes would all need changing for each chart, therefore I bought a tiny graph paper book (you can see my drawings in some of the images but these are designs I have taken from other sources and altered slightly) so I could alter the sizes. However i got a little carried away and once I got the hang of it I began to design my own. I thought what better way to really personalise this pattern than creating my own original charts. Though I am still using a few charts I found on raverly/Pinterest.

I stopped looking at knitting charts and began seeking inspiration in other types of media like illustration, posters, paintings, cartoons and my travels to see what I could draw upon and how I could incorporate and merge the styles into teeny, tiny graph squares that would look, not amazing, but at least recognisable when knitted up.
It allows my imagination to run wild and try some new and different patterns – as well as doodling and having fun with colours.

You’ll have to wait and see how they turn out – just like me (with baited breath!)

The grey/blue/white row that you can see above is a produce of that inspiration and experimentation so I am excited and apprehensive to see what it will look like!

Can you guess what it will be?

Thanks for reading,

PS – this is my 100th post!! Awesome 🙂


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