Knitting:: Favourite Things Scarf… Update







Anytime we board a bus/coach/train/ferry/horse and cart (kidding) I get out my needles.

As you can see it’s coming along nicely, even the patterns I designed myself are working well! Did you guess that it would be a stack of books?! I really wanted to include reading/books on my scarf because that is one of my main passions. Some things I pick up and put down but I always, always have a book on me. Sometimes two.
I scoured the internet looking for a book related pattern but found nothing! So I took to my trusty little graph notepad (absolute lifesaver) and designed my own stack of books. Resembling the to-be-read stack by my bed.

I’m still unsure about how long it’s going to be or whether it will be summer by the time I finish and far to warm to wear but I still have a lot of motifs jotted down and plenty I want to knit up so I’m going to continue until it’s at least over a meter.

Have any of you made a favourite things scarf? Leave a link in the comment below and I’ll come and check it out!
Would anyone like me to upload the motifs I’ve made?

Thanks for reading!


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