Knit:: Favourite (Free!) Ravelry Patterns


A gorgeous two colour cowl that is perfect for those days with a biting chill. This would look lovely in any colour or as a quick whip-up gift.

Find it here.



Another cowl. But what I like about this is how it dips into the triangular shape at the bottom. Often I wear a cowl and I can feel the breeze nipping at the back of my neck and finding its way through an opening at the front of my coat, but this cowl can be tucked in and will keep your neck warm. This is definitely on my “to-make” list, though I think I would tweek it a little and add a bit of colour, perhaps a motif around the bottom.

Find it here.




I love this waist length feminine cardi. It’s a perfect fit, not too oversized that it’s resigned to being worn on Bed Days or Lazy Days but it’s perfect for a day at work or a casual meal with friends. I have yet to knit an actual garment and I do plan to, so I’ve saved this one for later! So many projects so little time.

Find it here.


Look at the colours! Look at the pattern! It’s almost like an optical illusion but somehow it works. I like.

Find it here.




How cute is this little shrug? A perfect addition to any dress. It’s so delicate and quaint.

Find it here.


Thanks for reading!



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