Knit:: Mountain Cowl – My First Design

Whilst travelling around Europe last year I was inspired by all the different landscapes of the various countries. Along the way I made notes, made a few sketches and waited until I returned to the UK to put all that inspiration into some kind of yarny design – my pioneering venture into pattern writing.

One thing I couldn’t decide upon was whether to Knit it or Hook it. Knitting or Crochet! Needles or Hooks! Purls or Trebles! Back and forth back and forth until I had an amazing idea. I’ll do both. One pattern, two styles. Not only would that mean more people could enjoy my patterns, it also meant that I wouldn’t have to choose between the two, it allows me to practice writing patterns for both skills, I get to enjoy how one idea can be worked in two very different ways and I don’t just have to focus knitting or crochet but get a balance of both! So basically, a lot of benefits!

There will be four patterns altogether, all designed by me. The style will be fun and free, bright and yet soft, not too difficult or time consuming. I will put as much information into the patterns as I can but ultimately you can interpret them however you like. If you want to make it bigger, with chunky yarn and size 10 needles – go for it! If you want to use different colours or different yarns – go for it! It’s just there as a guide and as inspiration. Feel free to share the patterns, sell or gift what you make – all I ask is that you link back to my blog or the pattern on my blog.

 Right let’s get down to it. 

The first in my European inspired patterns is the “Snowy Mountain Cowl” inspired by the ranges in Northern Italy, Montenegro and Romania.

We camped for a week in Brunico where “the Val Pusteria-Pustertal valley forms the vertex between the main ridge of the Alps and Dolomites”

Courtesy of[/caption]


…to wake up to this view every morning was amazing. The campsite was enveloped by mountains and the low hanging clouds were so picturesque.

Montenegro has a stunning landscape. So mountainous, so untouched in most places. Below are some of the churches and the Ostrog monastery built into the large rock of Ostroška Greda, it was a long climb to the top!

Finally, Romania in December, where we experienced our first snow, which was a world away from the 30 degrees in Northern Italy in August! Sinaia is a town, in a mountainous area on the Prahova River valley, just east of the Bucegi Mountains.  It was a small but quaint town, this photo was taken after a trip up the mountains in the cable cars. What a view.

All this led to my very first knitted design – The Snowy Mountain Cowl!




I’m really proud of this design, not only because I created it but because I finished it! I have been wanting to design my own patterns since I first started to crochet and since I first picked up a set of needles! I really enjoyed the process from painting my idea and transferring that onto graph paper, to choosing the yarn to knitting it up and blocking it.

I will be writing up the knitted pattern (free of course!) in the next post for everyone to enjoy. If there are any mistakes, or it’s unclear, please let me know as this is my very first pattern and I am only just learning.

Thanks for reading!








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