Travel:: Leicestershire Cabin


This is a picture of the lovely hand built cabin that my friends and I stayed in a few weeks ago.  We all live in different parts of the country, some in the south and some in the middle and some in the north, but we love to get together, making sure we see each other at least once a month or at most alternate months! Usually we play board games or drink beer or catch up or visit somewhere new or go walking, well, it’s always something fun and different! So the weekend was a welcome back, happy birthday, merry Christmas type affair – E and I had been out of the country for five months last year and had missed quite a lot.


This is a few of us on Saturday morning, just pottering about the cabin, a little tired from a late night of gossiping, games and beer! It was so good to see everyone and the cosy cabin (enough for six!) was the perfect setting, especially with the wood burner!


This is me having a go on the swing built with things found on the land!

There was actually more than one cabin on the land there were two hand built ones, we stayed in the smaller one and there was a really lovely tiny house. From out cabin you can hear the stream which run adjacent to the place. They also have two goat who come storming over at the first hint of food! The owners run a canoe building holiday  family run business and they were so friendly and accommodating – they kept us topped up with wood for the fire and home made cookies!


It was bright yet chilly on the Saturday so we layered up and went for a wander over the fields to the nearest pub.




A wonky photo of all of us on the way back from the pub, I had to balance the camera, precariously, on a log! It took a few attempts.


And to end the post, the wonderful sunset I couldn’t help but stare at on the walk back to the cabin.

All in all it was a really wonderful relaxing weekend with friends. I’m already looking forward to the next event!

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