Travel:: Soutwold









Southwold. One of my favourite places in the world. It’s different every time I go yet still evokes such a feeling of peace when I’m there – probably because I have been going for so long now and have so many wonderful memories there. This time my friend Sophie joined us and we had a wonderful time hopping from pub to pub drinking adnams, visiting country markets, eating to much cake and Southwold sausages as well as cricket on the beach and walking over to the harbour.

Below are a few of my previous posts on Soutwold that I have uploaded over the last few years. All are different in their own unique way and feature different aspects of this wonderful seaside town.I also see how my brothers and sisters are growing up. In Post 2 my youngest brother is so tiny, barely walking! Now he’s this boistrous toddler running and jumping over sand dunes!

I think I declare my love for Southwold in every post!

Southwold Post 1

Southwold Post 2

Southwold Post 3




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