Travel:: Copenhagen

All of my friends and I have a lot in common and one of the main ones is travelling! Jess called me one rainy Monday to let me know she had booked flights to Copenhagen and did I want to join. I couldn’t say no, so I jumped straight onto the computer and booked my flights and coaches. I absolutely love going to new places and countries – and I had never been to Denmark!



So excited to see each other!



We walked a heck of a lot during the weekend, all over Copenhagen, we didn’t use public transport once so I cannot imagine the miles we walked. There were some really lovely streets in Copenhagen. It reminded me of a larger version of Amsterdam in some ways with all the pretty terraced buildings and water.



I bought a little map in the airport and it was really fun to use instead of GPS or relying on WiFi. Also, it’s nice to have this as a souvenir rather than something tacky. It means I can always lend it to friends or family if they go to Copenhagen!




We made sure that we walked across town to visit Freetown Christiania which was pretty cool, there were people doing graffiti  and there were some fantastic pieces on the walls. It was a very interesting experience.

A little more about Christiania:: It is also known as Freetown Christiania and it is a self-proclaimed autonomous neighborhood of about 850 residents the borough of Christianshavn in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.

A few more snaps.















Overall I really liked Copenhagen, we had a fantastic adventures, met so many interesting people, ate too much sushi and drank too much coffee, gossiped and gigglged until my throat dried up and just had an all round awesome weekend!

Thanks for reading