An update:: My Favourite Things scarf

I started this nearly a year ago, somewhere between Romania and Bulgaria, oh how that feels like a lifetime ago. Since I returned from my travels (find some of my posts here, here and here) I must confess that I haven’t really been knitting or crocheting at all. I’ve been spending a lot of time working and settling back into some kind of routine and finally, finally, I’ve started knitting again.I thought it would take me a while to pick it up again but it was almost instant.

Here is a little timeline of My Favourite Things scarf and then below that is where I’m at with it now.

Post One – Buying the yarn in Istanbul, Turkey

Post Two – Starting my scarf on a train to Romania

Post Three – Plodding along .

Displaying IMG_20161015_100049.jpg

And here we are today! Whoop!! It’s getting so long! I can’t wait to wrap up in it in these cold, winter months. I still have a few ideas about what else I’m going to add to it, definitely something travel related – maybe a map.  I want it to be long enough so that I can wrap it around my neck  at least twice. I’m obsessed with finishing it before Christmas – I actually have a deadline now and that’s the 4th of December. I’m volunteering at a local art gallery and we will be having an in house exhibition and all the volunteers are able to submit something, it can be anything, so I’m going to submit my scarf! So i have just under two months to get it all finished!


Have fun knitting!






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