Etsy:: Ten Brilliantly Beautiful Brooches

  1. I love whales and I would love to see them in person, for now I’ll stick (excuse the pun) with this beauty. Find it here.

Whale Brooch Pin ... Silver Vintage Pin Blue Whale

2. I love the texture of this toadstool brooch, it’s really unusual and quirky.  Find it here.

Toadstool brooch, Woodland jewellery, Vegetable jewelry, Red mushroom, Wire Wrapped brooch, Woodland birthday, Kawaii kitsch pin, Artisan

3. I’m not a massive fan of Christmas. The commercialisation, the excessive amount of money spent, the fact that chocolate snowmen are in stock in October and blahblahblah – but – I LOVE ELF! I can’t help it. I watch it once a year, wrapped up with a Baileys Hot Choc and giggle my head off and get all the lines that I think I know all mixed up and feel all Christmassy. Find it here.

Bye Buddy Narwhal Enamel Pin, Christmas Pin, Elf Movie Pin, Narwhal Pin, Christmas Gift, Lapel Pin

4. Sorry couldn’t resist slipping another Elf in. Find it here.

3.25" Buddy The Elf Die Cuts set of 25

5. Shoes. I love these old fashioned shoe brooches, I’m not sure how comfortable they would be to wear on your feet but to wear on your jumpy I think they’d be just dandy! Find it here.

Shoes Pin/Brooch Set of 2

6. These charming little brooches are made from stoneware clay. They have photographs of real houses adorned on them and I absolutely love them. Find it here.

House Brooch


7. This bear looks like its creeping along looking for a pot of honey. I love the dynamic colours and hand painted feel. Find it here.

Bear Brooch, Bear Jewellery, Hand Painted Brooch, Hand Painted Jewellery, Quirky Gift, Animal Jewelry, Harlequin Brooch, Harlequin Jewelry,

8. Come on. Who doesn’t love David Attenborough? I would happily wear this on my jumper to display to the world. Find it here.

Sir David Attenborough Hand Painted Pin Badge Brooch! 10% of profits go to charity.  Nature, Environment, Laser cut wood

9. Cute and quirky, small yet eye catching. Find it here.

Octagon Laser Cut Diamond Wheel Stained Glass Wooden Brooch

10. Ahh! I know this isn’t a brooch but I couldn’t not include it, look at that little dog. Find it here.

Hand Painted Dog in a Bike Basket Necklace Mint Green. Laser cut wood, illustration jewellery. Cute cool colourful fun animal unique jewelry


11. I know it’s cold and wet and dreary but I think this sweet little brooch is just lovely.It takes me back to one of my favourite places in the world… Southwold (if you scroll to the bottom you can see me sat crochetting in our beach hut). Find it here.

Beach hut brooch - Summer jewelry - Beach jewellery - Seaside lover jewelry - Beach hut - Wooden brooch - Ocean jewellery - Nautical brooch


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