Re:Surface – An Art Exhibition

Over the last few weeks I have, alongside another, organised and curated my first art exhibition. I’ve loved every minute and learned a lot.
Organising involved writing press releases, social media marketing, liaising with artists, holding meetings and taking minutes, collaborating creatively and professionally with others, filming a video, installing the art works, cleaning and prepping the gallery as well as others.
Curating was probably the highlight for me. It was a gradual process that required some thought and would be subject to change as more people brought in their work. Consideration had to be given to light and space and how each piece worked side by side as well as how the space looked as a whole.
Opening night was last night and I was so pleased that my friends and family came to support me. It was a great night with a musician, live portrait shoot, live body paint as well as mulled wine and mince pies.
Here is a photo of all the pieces of work for those in other countries and cities who won’t be able to come and take a look.


Did you notice anything? Yes! My Favourite Things scarf is in there! Even though it’s unfinished – I’ve sort of decided that it’ll be a lifelong project – I think it looks great stood up there.
Not the best quality photo but oh well. I felt very proud on opening night, to see everything come together so well and all my hard work that I’d put into my work on display. I had a lot of good feedback and compliments too.
Anyway, thanks for reading.

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