Space:: Finally A Corner Of My Own

I’ve always wanted a little corner of my own. Somewhere to nurture and bring to life my creative ideas. Often I’ve just worked out of a bag and a laptop on my knee but it can be difficult to sustain and work consistently. I’ve already noticed my productively increase since I’ve been here.

Recently I moved into a new flat (yay!) and it had an extra bedroom, which we didn’t really need and so we decided to make it into a study. My other half has one corner and I have the other.

I found the desk second hand so it was an absolute bargain. I think it took a couple of hours to construct (I’m notsure as E fixed it all together as suprise whilst I was at work – lovely guy 🙂 and it looked awesome when I walked in.

It wasn’t even bare for a minute though it has taken a few weeks to make it my own and make it work as a space. Its a corner desk which means when I sit at it it almost curves around me and I feel focused on my projects.

So, without further ado, here is my little corner!



Of course it’s a mess. Because that’s how I work. Chaotically, one idea leaping out of another triggered by fragments of half formed thoughts.



Behind my laptop are two whiteboards, I bought some whiteboard pens to make notes and jot down anything I need to remember or research further. It’s also magnetic so I pin any leaflets or flyers I want to keep.


Everyone needs a dictionary! This little space is sort of my writing/language space. Everything I need for when I’m writing creatively.


My stationary compartment and cup of tea spot! Here I keep everything I need to make creative notes, design projects or sketch out ideas.


Yarn corner! Of course I needed a space for yarn. I also have a box next to me filled with yarn that didn’t quite fit or projects I’m working on.


So that’s a tiny insight into my creative space! It’s where I knit, crochet, blog, study, write, think, create, imagine, draw and everything in between.

What’s your creative space like? Do you have a whole room or shed or a tiny corner like me or a sofa? I’d love to see your posts/videos.




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