Stash Bust: Project 1



I have quite a lot of yarn hanging around in my study and I decided it was time to start busting through it. Odd skeins here and there that I don’t really have any plans for and sort of lurk about with no purpose. Skeins that have been hanging around forever, so in between other, larger, WIP projects, I thought I’d finish a few smaller projects, simultaneously adding more colour and brightness to the room.

I was given a few succulent cuttings from a friend and I’m trying to propagate them. I’m using this post from needles and leaves for propagation. It’s clear, with good pictures and the best one I’ve come across so far. I’m not sure whether they’ll grow so instead of forking out for some pots I decided to have a root through the recycling and use some old tin cans. They looked a bit grim with the paper torn off and I knew a crochet jumper would be perfect  for them.

I followed Attic24’s flat circle tutorial and then just stopped increasing when the circle was as large as the bottom of the tin. From there I continued to crochet in the round until it was tall enough.

These little tins with handmade crochet covers are sitting on my windowsill home to a few little succulent leaves. If they do grow I’ll do a progress post. I kind of envisage tapping away in the middle of a jungle in a few months time.

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