Spotted:: Saturday Finds


Artist:: I stumbled upon Lucy Storrs on Instagram (@lucystorrs_artist) and was immediately infatuated with her incredible woollen paintings (pictures?). The shadows and the illuminations in the pictures are astounding. From a distance these almost look like acrylic paintings and it is only up close that you realise it is wool, a beautiful deception. If I had some disposable income I would love to have one of these creations on my wall, but, for now, I will ogle at them online!


DIY Project:: I’m still looking for projects and things to brighten up our flat, slowly but surely this place is really beginning to feel like home. I’ll be trying out this DIY  Yarn Wall Hanging project over the weekend.


Crochet Pattern:: I have been following One Man Crochet for a good few years now and I just love everything he creates. So unique, so bright so original. He creates his own trends. Here is a link to his Human Kind scarf that he created based on those  little paper chains of people holding hands. Love it.


Comic:: I follow Catana Comics on Instagram and I just love her cheesey yet every day romantic moments. Go take a look!


Well those are my Saturday Finds from around the web for this week!