2016:: Year in Review


2016 got off to a shaky start. I arrived back from an amazing five month trip around Europe to a gloomy England and living with parents again. It was a long stretch of not really being creative because I didn’t have the space or motivation and struggling to find what I wanted to sink my teeth into. But after lots of hard work October rolled around and everything changed. I got a flat with E. It had room for my own creative corner (a lovely huge desk where I have everything I need to be creative to hand). I began volunteering at an art gallery which really fuelled my desire to not only continue to be creative (ramping it up tenfold) and experiment with art but also my ambition to work within the arts. One of the best experiences at the gallery was the opportunity I got to organise, plan and curate an exhibition featuring over 13 artists (which I also got to exhibit in and be interviewed for!)

Slowly but surely my friends are creeping back to this city and it feels good to be surrounded by such a wonderful bunch of people (though there are one or two around the world who I miss dearly)

I’m knitting and hooking ferociously, trying to actualise all my different ideas and projects as they come to mind so quickly.

I’m writing short fiction still and attending my writing group, developing and improving my pieces and hoping to enter more competitions this year!

2017 has so much in store that I’m looking forward to and 2016 was such a good step in a positive direction for me!


Happy New Year!


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