Saturday Finds


Musician:: I’m listening to Maggie Rogers this week, a little obsessed! I saw the youtube video of her and Pharrell a few months ago and looked forward to what sort of work she would produce! Loving it!



Reading:: I’m trying to start up a book club with some friends, I choose the first book of Atwood’s Handmaid Tale as I haven’t read it in ages and I thought it was about time for a re-read! Also a few of my friends haven’t read it either.


Admiring:: The millions of women (and people) around the world standing up for what they beleive in. What a powerful moment the marches were, I’m keeping up to date with it as I couldn’t go on a march -I had a sister who had her 7th birthday party at the same time – but I do want to get involved with anything that’s coming up! Watch this space.


Artist:: I’ve got my eyes on Jennifer Cronin this year! Her realistic oil painting of everyday intimate moments are awesome.


Have an awesome weekend!



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