WIP Wednesday 

Hook hook hook

70s stripes


Pride flag

WIP wednesday is always a time that I stop, look around and think “oh wow, I have far too many unfinished projects”. It’s also a time where I can checkstep my progress and see where I’m at. 

It’s all crochet this week! The first image is my actual WIP. I’m working on a crochet pouffe for my living room, which at the minute is distinctly lacking in homemade goodness. The second image was of the first attempt at a pouffe but I stopped because I really disliked the colour choice. It looked like something out of That 70s Show… And I just couldn’t be having that – maybe something to do with the yellow and green combo. So I left it, didn’t weave in the ends and now it’s a plant pot coaster with a fringe. 

I took a bit more time to choose the next colour palette and as my living room has a couple of pops of blue and yellow I thought I should vaguely match that. I prefer the grey/yellow/blue theme it feels a bit more…. Contemporary. So that’s my big scale project at the moment and I’ll update that when I get a little further with it. 

Now you may have seen some of my rainbow stripes on Instagram…. And that is now not a WIP. It’s finished! Yay! I hooked up a very simple Pride flag as it LGBT month here in the UK and I wanted a little flag to hang on my desk. 

I must say looking at these images makes me realize they’re all very similar… And stripey…. Must do something about that, must get out of comfort zone, must experiment! Ideas bubbling. 

So for this WIP Wednesday that’s it. I don’t have too many ongoing projects, in fact I only have one! Mainly because I’m busy with the 9-5 and also currently coordinating two exhibitions at Surface (more on those later) so crafting has had to take a backseat for now. 

How are your WIPs? How is your Wednesday? How is your week? 



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