Christmas in Malaga

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Christmas has been filled with (as well as crochet)   time spent with family, friends and strangers which has been interesting and insightful. This is my first Christmas abroad and how very unusual it has been.

One of the unusual aspects of this trip – for me –  has been the weather. 22 degrees and higher at the end of December! I keep wondering whether snow or cold will appear. Spending Christmas Eve wandering around outside, wishing I had sunglasses handy is odd, but something I have quickly adapted to and I am now thoroughly enjoying.

As there are more of us than the flat owned by family here can host we are staying in a temporarily rented house! We grabbed a bedroom with the en-suite and beautiful view before anyone could protest! The view we wake up to in the morning looks a little like this…


The brown mountains to the back were, only a few months ago, covered with forest and greenery. However  fires ravaged and devoured the mountain and its forest – the cause is still debated. The emergency services had to use water out of local swimming pools to quell the blaze. Here are some photos.

Look how the view from our window changes at dusk. Absolutely stunning.




Just look at those colours! My oh my it is what I imagine octarine may look like.

On Christmas Eve afternoon we visited a small village called Mijas, nicknamed the white village because of the white houses. It is up in the mountains and around 400 meters above sea level.  I thought the town was absolutely stunning and very quaint.

Just look how whitewashed everything is!


The views were also phenomenal.



We saw, in the middle of a row of shops upon a balcony a chocolate factory… No hesitations at all, we were straight up there. Once we found out that they do a short Chocolatiering course – ohh we just could not resist – we booked in! So that is the plan for later this week! More on our chocolate adventure later!



I will mention one other event. On Christmas Eve we noticed an ambulance that had parked up in front of next door. We had only spoken to the neighbours briefly when we arrived but they seemed lovely. So Christmas morning, one of the more outgoing members of the family headed over and knocked on with the intention to invite them for dinner… They kindly accepted and so a lady named Constance and her husband Jan as well as there two friends headed over around 3pm.

Constance and her husband had some very interesting stories to tell of their lives. They had lived in South Africa for many years and she revealed that her family dated back to the 9th century – at some point they were  involved in the battle of Hastings! Her husband was also very interesting. He was in Europe during WWII and was a message carrier. On a delivery of one particular message he was shot through the leg whilst cycling yet carried on until he had delivered the message! He was also captured at some point by the Gestapo. He eventually received an american medal of honour for his efforts.

Sometimes it only takes a few questions to delve into people’s pasts and find out something fascinating.



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