Cordoba, Spain 2

We have found Santa! Is he attempting to deliver some presents early perhaps??


This is the HUGE tree we pass on the way into town and it is drenched in fairy lights, it is situated in the Plaza Costa Sol which is only a few minutes walk from the flat. Needless to say the camera has not captured it accurately! Its so much bigger and more majestic in real life.


I caught sight of this just as we headed out of town and it made me laugh! It looks like am angry person with wild hair, bright eyes and big red lips!


If we go for dinner it is usually here! It is our favourite restaurant/bar and I would go so far as to say one of the best Cordoba.


The place above is called Bar Moriles (as it states) and it serves predominantly tapas food. The quality of the food is fantastic and it is very reasonably priced. A Spanish friend of ours gave us some advice about chossing where to eat, he said “if it is busy – it is good” Moriles is always busy sometimes it is hard to get a table! Most of the year it is flooded with customers and even leaks out onto the street.

A few favourite dishes for me would be their Rabo de Toro, patatas bravas and anything with “Jamon” in the title. The Rabo de toro is “bulls tails” and is some of the most tender and tasty meat I have ever encountered. At 3 euros 75 cents it is an absolute bargain. I can easily say we have eaten it multiple times. Patatas bravas (or in English it loosely translates as “Firece or brave potatoes) is, as well as being very common in Spain – very delicious. It is small fried potatoes with a spicy sauce. It is said to be one of the spiciest dishes in served in Spain!

The restaurant is famous for its “Pata Negra” which means Black foot/trotter and refers to the variety of high quality legs of pork. In the picture you can see all the different legs hanging up.


One type of ham (or in Spanish “jamon”) is called Iberico, it is one of the higher quality (therefore more expensive) hams. It has a much more intense flavour than the Serrano which has a more subtle flavour and which personally I prefer.  Another yummy dish they do – which is famous in Cordoba – is a Flamenquin. Flamenquin is pork loin wrapped in Serrano Jamon and fried in breadcumbs. A little heavy for my stomach in large quantities but it is another great dish.

The wine is also something to mention. The house red and white at 8o cents a glass! What more can I say??

Look what shop we found in town… Any guesses as to what they may sell?


Nope I reckon all your guesses were wrong! It’s a sweet shop! Boy, did we go a little to crazy in there. Definately not near as expensive in England, we got a whole bag full for around 3 euros! Bargain.











Well that is only a little taste of Cordoba for now… More to follow!


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