Cordoba, Spain

I have landed safely in Spain and arrived happily in Cordoba … A little map to show you where Cordoba is:


The journey did take a total of 12 hours altogether ! I decided to take a taxi from my house to the airport (naughty I know but I just did not fancy the walk into town and hour long bus journey at 3 am)

I arranged for the taxi to arrive a lot earlier, in hindsight, than needed –  at 4 am. The taxi driver was CRAZY, we made it to the airport in under 23 minutes and considering the distance that is mighty good timing. However I caught a glimpse of his speed and he was driving around 100 mph on the motorway – I thought I wouldn’t even make it to the airport!

Anyway, despite all the drama all I had to do once I was at the airport was go through security. I had previously checked in online (which cheekily cost me £12, naughty Monarch! With Ryanair it is completely free!)

During my two and half hour wait I got a well needed hot chocolate and huge amount of whipped cream… Even got a bit of hooking done with my delish sock yarn.


So at half six I lined up, had a passport check and then boarded! I had pre-booked seats so I couldn’t choose who I sat next to which, I may add, was very unfortunate. On my left I had a smelly guy and on my right I had a grumpy old guy reading the Daily Mail… Just my luck!

Ugh…I hate take off –  the way the plane rapidly accelerates and the whole cabin rumbles and gurgles! Yet in comparison to the Ryan air flights it  wasn’t that bad, I didn’t freak out that much and as I was sooooo tired I ended up sleeping most of the way! Much to the dismay of the people next to me as I am sure I fidget a lot in my sleep! When I awoke groggily at some point I was almost asleep on the Daily Mail reader’s shoulder… Oooops!

We landed slightly late due to some air traffic and I missed the bus I had originally  planned to catch to Cordoba. Instead I decided to get the train! Although it is more expensive than the bus, taking the train has two pros:

1) It is only an hours journey as opposed to the bus which is three hours!

2) To catch the  next bus I would have to wait FOUR HOURS! No way was I going to wait that long! I wouldn’t of arrived in Cordoba until half 7!

After a seemingly quick train ride I arrived all giggly and excited as my other half was waiting at the platform! I was pretty exhausted from the flight so we headed straight to his flat in Ciudad Jardin! Here is a little map!


The flat is practically in the centre of Cordoba! The beautiful mezquita is only a ten minute walk away!

Here is a typical Cordobese street, lined with orange trees.


Look how yummy and scrummy the oranges look!


That’s about all we did that day –  later we ate some tapas and drank good wine!




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