Mijas – Spain

I cannot believe how much we have managed to do these past two weeks! So many new places and new people! I left off in my last post I think – around boxing day.. So I shall pick up where I left off.

The day after boxing day we went back to Mijas (with a much better camera we borrowed!) for our Chocalitering course! It was another beautiful, sunny day.

Here are a selection of my favourite photos from the day.


This is one of the stunning panoramic views, I love how the mist creeps along the land.


This is why Mijas is nicknamed the “White City”


My other half and I.


This is the fountain which is in the centre of the little town, surround by shops and a bar.


Some of the ingredients of chocolate. In the far left tube you can see the fat and butter from the famous Cacao beans.

I found a little house that out the front was selling hand knitted items.. I couldn’t resist this 100% wool and absolutely lush cardigan – and what makes it even extra special is that my other half treated me to it – he’s a sweetie.



It is the warmest thing I own and soooo cosy! I wear it almost all of the time.

So that was our lovely day in Mijas. I would definitely go back and do a little more walking around the mountains with a picnic so we don’t have to go to the bars or restaurants in the centre.

Thanks for reading, hope you found it useful.



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