Crochet – Super Sneaky Peak

At present I have lots of little things on the go and a mega amount of ideas buzzing around my head eager to get out – I just haven’t quite had a chance to start (or finish for that matter) many of them but I am doing my darned best. Here is a sneaky peak of some of my goings-on at the moment.

Remember my crochet granny square blanket? Well it’s growing! Although it feels like it is growing a lot slower than when I began due to the shear size of it and how long it takes to do one round! I am still loving it, it lives on my bed and hopefully when I have finished it will be so big it will hang off the edges and I shall have no stash left! (Which even though sad, this cloud has a silver lining – yarn shopping!)  


I have learnt a new crochet stitch! The bobble stitch. Here are some tutorials! – One, two, three.

I am making a small phone cover to practice the stitch as I have something awesome in mind for this awesomely bobbly bobble stitch. More on that later! Heehee!


I must confess, actually I think it is vital, neigh! CRITICAL that I confess.. though it scares me to say it out loud.. I am a yarn bomb addict!  This will be my third yarn bombing venture! Below are some of my newest yarn bomb creations. Check out my crochet Love Squares gif! Hot and Sunny location of yarn bombing shall be revealed shortly, suffice to say… I am super, mega excited for this yarny adventure.


Whoooop! I am learning to knit! Finally working on one of my 2013 to-dos! It is a lot of fun and easier than the first time I  attempted to learn to knit. I’m practising a few stitches at the moment – knit, purl and casting on. I’m very chuffed indeed.


Thanks for reading!

What yarny, crafty adventures are you working on? I would love to hear about it!



4 thoughts on “Crochet – Super Sneaky Peak

  1. Love the bobble stitch, I’m a knitter who’s just learnt to crochet and I have to say I love it! I’ve just finished a granny square blanket for my new little niece, think ill do a massive one for me next.


    • Oh that’s brilliant! I think I love the bobble stitch too.. despite it being a yarn muncher! I’m glad you have learnt to crochet and enjoy it! You’ll have to post some pictures of your next granny square blanket 😀


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